Game 4 elements


Among logical mini-games, there are many different genres. These include the search for a specific object on the screen, the resolution of different puzzles and find the differences between the two pictures. We present you an unusually exciting game Four Elements « », in which the basic principles are intertwined logic games. This game managed to win many fans among fans of the genre of logic games, and now you have the opportunity to play «4 Elementa» online. Unlike many puzzle games, in which the story does not play a special role «Chetyre elementa» have full history, the meaning of which is revealed to you in the beginning of the game. Storyline originates in distant and beautiful country populated fantastic creatures. Its inhabitants lived peacefully in harmony with nature, and it seemed that their cloudless existence nothing can disturb. But a peaceful dreamland trouble came, the sky was covered with black thunderclouds and heavy wind began to destroy everything in its path. Dark forces encroached on the most valuable thing in the wizarding world – altars four basic elements that led to dire consequences. Just a couple of hours a hurricane swept through the kingdom, and destroyed all the cities and took all living things. Only a wizard remained in place one lock. It is he who will tell you the sad story of the arrival of the evil forces and help advice in the fight to save the world once flourishing. So, what can help dreamland? The main task during the development of the game online 4 elements will be armed with magic books, go to the recovery of the four altars of magical water, air, fire and earth. The player is given the field in which, through the use of magic chips should be organized the way for the healing power of nature. Upon reaching her stream of one of the altars, the power stored in it, restored and can be used again magical inhabitants of the country. But so easy to explore the book wizards you can not – for each book corresponding to one of the four elements, first need to find the key. Keys are usually hidden near altars and their finding is precisely the search part of the game. In this case, a careful player will many caches hiding useful secrets. « » Four elements will please a bright and colorful graphics that will surprise both children and the older generation of players. The game is accompanied by pleasant and unobtrusive music. And with all the difficult moments will help cute fairy helper.