Akinator game


now on the internet, you can find a wide variety of mini- games being a good time. As a rule, a variety of puzzles like Tetris, three in a row, solitaire, and brodilok through the maze. Rarely what toy boasts something new and revolutionary in that it will provide a background similar to the companions. Among the gems of the genre of mini-games can be considered a creation of French programming, which is already more than five years, attracts customers from all over the world. It's about a genius in its simplicity, the game Akinator. Many Internet users know about this game by accident ( in blogs, social networks, forums ), and once tried to play, becoming its ardent admirers. So, what awaits those who dare heard plenty of accolades in Akinator play? Gameplay is not very complicated. Immediately after the start of the game, you will have a meeting with a real classic genie from the lamp. This fellow will ask you to play the puzzle. Guessing should be any man, and how you can make a neighbor in the stairwell, for example, the president of pop artist or athlete. And a set of people to guess sly gin, is not limited to real people, and you may well make a: Batman, Sponge Bob, Darth Vader. Akinator subject to even fictional characters. Determine the choice, we turn to the process of guessing. After trying to think of at least one person, you will see that the game Akinator is not difficult. Jin asks you 20 leading questions, response options which can be positive, negative and uncertain. Hearing this, many people say: He would never guess the one I had in mind! And very surprised when the machine gives him an absolutely correct answer. Naturally, the user does not back in his desire to beat the arrogant program and inventing new and new versions of the characters, in the course are: movies, books, games, internet memes. How gin trouble figuring out who you still make come true? It's very simple: if the program still can not guess, you enter the name of the character's hand, still way Akinator learns, adding to base all new options. Interesting gameplay and ease of execution served that Akinator has become one of the most popular mini-games, getting translations into ten different languages. Now you have the opportunity to try to fight the cunning gin and invent this answer, which it certainly will not be able to guess.