Aladdin Games


For many of us the memories of childhood are associated with the eight- game consoles. Then the possession of an old «Dendi» considered extremely prestigious and its owner at a party often hung crowd of friends and classmates, so that would fight in the most popular at the time console games. Even now, as adults, many are happy to remember the happy hours spent on overcoming the next boss in «Cherepashkah nindzya», throwing boxes into each other «Chip and Deyl», attempts once again to bypass the trap « Prince Persii» and of course many of them remember «Alladin» wonderful game. Completed game in the best traditions of the time, the adventures of Aladdin pleased us involving your favorite cartoon characters, good graphics and a variety of traps and enemies that get in the way at the fearless guy. But times have changed and now there are Aladdin games online, some, fortunately, can not save the magical atmosphere of the genre. Moreover, all those jumping on the roofs, virtuoso passage of traps and picking apples smoothly moved into many other arcade games. Therefore, the game The Adventures of Aladdin « » can rightly be considered one of the progenitors of the genre. Some of those who spent hours in his childhood adventures of Baghdad lad and his friends basically do not play in modern versions of the games of their childhood, afraid to be disappointed. In fact, after all sorts of modern toys, with their graphic twists and budgets of millions, it would seem that already and not the graphics and the music is too simple. But do not blindly follow the prejudices – because games online Aladdin, performed entirely in accordance with their original platformers. Here you have the opportunity to meet again with old friends in the face of Aladdin, a beautiful princess Jasmine, Jafar and insidious, of course, playboy Gina apt jokes are mandatory chip each game of the series. Of course, the user is far from nostalgia, adventure Aladdin may seem simple but need only to compare them with any other arcade, and you'll see that play Aladdin online is much more interesting than most of these toys. For young users, this game will be a pleasant discovery and the way to get acquainted with the brightest representative of the games ten or fifteen years ago. And the older generation, can safely take up the mouse and keyboard, and without fear of disappointment, begin to conquer the tangled streets and palaces in Baghdad.