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Perhaps none of the genres of animation does not cause so much debate and controversy as possible to the anime. Opinions viewers range from adoration and fanateniya to complete rejection. Among the fans of the anime you can come across as a little girl, and quite respectable adults. The cause of such a wide audience is a wide variety of genres, which is divided into an anime. Among them you will find comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, anime for children, and even such unusual genre as daily. Of course, a similar division is present in the film, but another hallmark of Japanese animation is a clear division into categories of viewers gender and age. Of course, nothing prevents an adult to play anime games for girls, or watch the same notorious Pokemon, but all the same, choosing anime or game on it in the first place is worth a look at for some categories of spectators or players in this product was created. Because quite unsophisticated spectator risks of running into an animated creature adult nature, which is often present in the anime category for boys and men. So, what can we please play anime aimed at a female audience? The very first thing you should pay attention to is the plot. For older suitable toys, which in the course of the plot reveals the character of the heroine and has the ability to communicate with the surrounding characters. Category anime, targeted at girls in general is very extensive. Here you will find stories, where the heroine suddenly get magical powers and gain the ability to transform into beautiful fairies (this category is incredibly popular ten years ago the series Sailor Moon). Also, anime games online, often tell us the story of a romantic heroine who by fate faced with several fine young men, who naturally madly in love with her, and you have the opportunity to build relationships and to determine who as a result will go hand and heart beauty. On our site contains various games for girls anime, which will please fans of such famous anime like Naruto, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Sakura catcher cards and many other hits that have become classics of the genre. If you are not familiar with Japanese animation, the anime online games, you will enjoy all the same well-known characters – because, for example, many people love the kitty Hello Kitty, not thinking about the fact that this is also a guest came to us from the land of the rising solntsa