Game Avatar The Last Airbender


Many fans are already familiar with animation cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender. Coming in theaters eight years ago, Avatar instantly gained a lot of fans, surpassing even the creation of Disney and Priksar. The series consisted of three seasons with twenty episodes each, and different deep storyline, which was interesting as younger viewers and their parents. It was so well thought out for children's cartoon storyline, is the secret of the popularity of The Last Airbender. There are even Avatar The Last Airbender games, in which you can feel in the role of heroes favorite series. History Avatar tells the story of a world where everything is subject to the magic of the four elements: water, earth, fire and air. Each element of worship is one of the nations, and its representatives may use magical powers patronizing them elements. All four of the people lived in peace and harmony, as long as the fire ambitious people decided not to take power alone. It was during this period was the basis for the plot, as a series, and the game avatar. Representatives of magic fire began to oppress other nations, forcing them to its policy of force and total control. In the ensuing war, even one of the peoples of the Magi – Air was destroyed. According to legend, only one person can stop the evil tyrants – are who we will play the game avatar, the legendary magician, who owns all four elements at once. He is the last of the defeated nation of magicians air – happy and cheerful boy Aang. That he managed to survive the hard times, it happened to be frozen inside of a huge iceberg. Immediately after his awakening Aang acquainted with the magicians of water Katara and Sokoy. These two – brother and sister, by the way, in some versions of the game Avatar The Last Airbender, you can play one of them. Qatar, as befits a mage water, kind and understanding, and her brother is different cheerful disposition and is the soul of any company. The three decided to unite and stand together against the enemy. Also, Aang is fluent in air magic, but unfortunately still not completely versed in another verse, and to start to learn water magic, he is called to help Ketarra. In the course of how you play the avatar team of friends will have to take part in the most incredible adventures in which they will be joined strongest mage land – girl Toph. Discover the magical world of The Last Airbender is not difficult to –, we are always ready to help fans avatar to play online for free, and the number of games of all possible genres to please any user.