Bakugan games


Once a movie or cartoon acquire the status of a hit, then almost immediately to get him the creators of the game. Not spared this fate and anime series, in which the game sometimes surpass popularity animated source. No exception, and popular both in Japan and abroad series Bakugan. And not in vain – found that in Bakugan game play is no less interesting than watching the adventures of favorite characters in the series. The plot is quite standard Bakugan anime based mostly on teenage boys. The main character lived quietly Dan Kuzo currently lives an ordinary Japanese schoolboy, until one remarkable moment the heavens opened and they started pouring cards and balls, but not the usual, and endowed with a special power. Dan, like other children, he decided to collect these cards – because each of them hiding powerful Bakugan – monster from another dimension, who in this world can exist only in the form of spheres, and howling just shows the true face during the battle. Children long thought to what can still be used and developed rules monsters strategy game with their direct participation. It is not difficult to guess that the Bakugan you have to manage by these cute creatures. So, the children received the magic sphere began studying with them to access and use in battle. It seems that the future is rosy and easy, up until there was a villain mask and his mighty hosts whose aim was a bit little as capturing Bakugan measurement, and along with the Earth. Bakugan game will take you in this period of the history of the story, in which Dan's team to fight with powerful opponents, simultaneously revealing the ability of their Bakugan. Dared to test their strength in the world of Bakugan, provides plenty of opportunities. To join the owners of magical spheres you can in the computer version, the version for consoles and mobile phones, and not given, appeared version, a large set of which you will find on our site. In addition, with our help, you will know how to play Bakugan. Bakugan got to most gaming genres, so that you can participate in tournaments in the mode: arcade fighting game, quests, puzzles. In them you will meet with your favorite characters such as the Dan Kuzo, Mizaki Runo, Julie Train yourself and be able to make war such as the Bakugan Drago, Skayress, Goreme, Serena and Tigrerroy. In Bakugan games can play for free, you can use our site, where you can find them the best working version.