Games bloody


Looking at the modern horror films, are increasingly the feeling that the horror genre is not the same as it was twenty years ago. All the same, what has been the highlight of numerous trash films of the eighties, with their cardboard sets, actors in rubber suits and terrible monsters gallons of artificial blood that flowed generously to the then screens. It would seem that can attract people in low-budget films with scenes of the massacre, which uchinyali everything from alien monsters and ending predatory tomatoes, but crowds of people poured in cinemas on these shows. Nowadays, producers prefer to scare us in other ways, more often mention such terms as smart pumping conditions, suspense and an emphasis on the psychological state of the characters. The result can be seen in such modern horror movies like Ring and Silent Hill, where we are frightened not so much monsters as the atmosphere gradually increasing tension and fear, which covers the main character. The same situation prevails in most modern computer games. After all, they still have to fit into the rigid framework of ratings, and so if the game is assigned a category «ot 17 let» and «tolko for vzroslyh» it significantly affects its sales. Fans of the Mortal Kombat can only nostalgically reminisce about his bloody fatalities, who were waiting for us after a successful victory over the enemy. Now, when it would seem, the good old days of gaming treshovy passed, gamers still remains a way to enjoy them playing in the bloody online games. Many variations thereof are presented on our website and become familiar with them convince you that today's flash game kept the spirit of the old and bloody horror militants. The plot in such games can be rather arbitrary, but then play them for profound experiences of heroes. Therefore, by selecting a category bloody game, get ready to reflect an attack hordes of zombies, fight in the fighting with the body spare parts tearing opponents and fight with alien monsters of the worst appearance. The main thing to remember that all these toys are created exclusively for resetting the accumulated aggression and simple switching of attention on gaming activities, so do not look for anything in them intelligent, and even more so to try to give a rational explanation for the actions of the characters. In the catalog of our site you will find a lot of games bloody games for all tastes, including the only option is to choose to their liking. Just do not forget at the same time that these games are not for children.