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Now more and more popular among fans of extreme sports gaining stunts performed on bicycles. The origins of BMX sport takes more in the sixties of the twentieth century, and its appearance is obliged motocross. The first participants in BMX competitions were children who could not afford to participate in this cross-country race, but did not leave with the hope to be like these athletes. Young motocross fans personally produced the track as close to the present, and instead of expensive bikes used bikes. To avoid injury, they also were involved in motorcycle equipment. Gradually, the child of BMX Entertainment has become one of the most popular sports in America. Among the main advantages that make BMX gained such popularity, it should be noted that the equipment to participate in the stunt did not require athletes rabid costs, and tracks could easily be placed in a couple of minutes walk from the house. Its becoming the sport ended up in the seventies, when the even was founded BMX management organization in the United States. Type of bike used in BMX, is small in size wheels (an average of 20 inches in diameter), a small but sturdy frame and wide wheel, relatively light weight, and most importantly - easy operation and high maneuverability. For example, the standard weight of a modern BMX bike is 10-15 kilograms. Over fifty years of BMX, it was formed six independent style, the division that occurs due to the technical characteristics of a bike, perform tricks and used trails. If you decide to get acquainted with the BMX sport closely, you should not buy a bike and looking for a suitable track. Simply use our site, where you can find bmx games online in a wide range. In them you will have the opportunity to select any track you like, from the parks to mountain roads, and any bike with all the provisions under the standard set of characteristics. Development of control systems in bmx games, does not make for a long time to think even a beginner in computer games. By pressing simple key combinations and some skill, you can perform tricks that are available high-class pros. Available 3D variations bmx games, please closest to the reality of physics terms. Fans of the competition, will appreciate the version in which a mode of competition with real professionals bmx sport.