Bomberman Games


Speaking of the most famous games for consoles NES, certainly worth remembering magnificent Bomberman. Like most eight-bit games, it does not differ a complex plot or advanced graphics. But, despite this, I was able to make love and adoration of thousands of gamers around the world. And in our time, Bomberman game are popular not only among the adults who want to remember the youth, but also among younger users. And, unlike most gaming classics get a new life in the flash format, adventure brave miner did not change significantly. But at the same Bomberman play just as exciting and interesting. So you start off as a small white man, who finds himself in a maze filled with stone blocks and a strange-looking enemies. Fighting them will not require you knowledge of martial arts and possession of weapons – because your character has the ability to much more interesting. The fact that it can produce a bomb libitum. Therefore, the process of destroying the enemy does not look like a normal frontal attack, and consists of tracking the enemy, studying the trajectory of its motion, and finally install the most bombs. By the way, the opponents you meet will be quite varied, ranging from silly meduzopodobnyh creatures and ghosts ending agile, who know how to walk through walls. In Bomberman Online your bombs may render another service – is arranged on the level of destruction of the stone blocks. This is done as a way to reduce and to extract hidden in the stones of bonuses, the most useful of which are invulnerability, the ability to walk through walls, the ability to activate the bombs at a distance and gain an explosion. On the passage of the level you are given a specific time for which should kill all enemies. The game ends when your character meets the opponent fails or is undermined in its own bomb. On our site you will find both the old classic version of the game, and modern options to play Bomberman free. Particularly interesting game mode equipped to play together. After all our Bomberman has another, who also knows how to put a bomb and thus differ only in black suit. For an interesting evening of you enough to take command of the black or white Bomberman, call a friend who loves computer games and the actual computer itself with Internet access. For the rest, you will help our site with its huge collection of games dedicated to the brave bombermenu.