Games Bounce tales


Perhaps all owners of Nokia phones remember funny colored game Bounce tales, in which we are given the opportunity, driving the small ball to overcome obstacles, while collecting all sorts of bonuses. The game, despite its apparent simplicity, won a lot of people around the globe. The Bounce play at work, at school, at recess, during a trip on the subway, and just when was issued a free minute. What would seem primitive toy, even served as the basis for the cartoon, in which instead of a little annoying characters - small animals, all spoke the same legendary red ball. And, more recently, developers have pleased us with updated game Bounce tales, whiled away the largely inherited traits mobile predecessor, but in a fresh graphic design. Unlike most games for mobile phones, which has been the primary source of the computer version, Bounce tales it was the opposite. And now you have a way to become a party to bounce tales play online directly from your home or office computer. Gameplay Bounce tales seemingly very simple – you are given a small red ball, which is under your leadership to wade through the maze, simultaneously collecting eggs. On the way you will meet plenty of obstacles such as spikes and stone walls, crawled require involvement of wit and good response. It would seem, nothing complicated, but from passing Bounce tales simply impossible to put down. The game draws from the first seconds and no simple panache not bother. With the new version, obstacles on the path of the ball, have become more diverse. So our ball is now free to swim under water, and its motion in this case is much slower. Also at the levels you will encounter a variety of bonuses, the use of which gives the ball such new features as the ability to penetrate walls and acceleration. The game received a pleasant and unobtrusive music, for every action of the ball accompanied by a corresponding sound. Now there are many different versions of Bounce tales, which differ both in their surroundings and genre. This unique game was embodied in the genres of arcade, puzzle and platforming. For this variety it is hard to find an option, as close as possible to the original source. However, our site gives you such a pleasant opportunity to: here you will find both the original Bounce tales and its modern variants.