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For some reason, some people, who tend to be far removed from the world of computer games, think sitting at the games requires no mental effort. Their main argument is that the game does not bring any new knowledge and skills. Like, click on the buttons themselves in time and you will have happiness. Often thus argue parents who want their child instead of sitting hours playing computer games better taught lessons, there were a musical school, engaged in ballroom dancing and English, sometimes the child needed it all together. But even the most stubborn parents can be persuaded, to introduce them to one of the game genres. This, of course, strategy. For once, you try to play them, the person is convinced that the games of this category sometimes require us to greater mental effort than the same chess or puzzle. No wonder that the strategy serves to hold the world championships, which, like real sports, have their stars of world renown. Strategies Genre is not born a dozen years ago, but he not only maintains its position, but also attracts more and more users who are tired of the same brodilok, fighting games and gonochek. Older fans strategies with nostalgia legends such as Civilization « », «Dyuna», «Geroi». All of them laid the foundations of the genre, in which we entrusted the world to him relying economic and political systems, as well as great opportunities for human interaction. It is thanks to features such strategies can captivate for hours, it is absolutely not annoying. The peak of the genre reached the proliferation of browser versions. Browser games online strategy appeared recently, but quickly managed to achieve recognition of the multitude of gamers. Unlike their turn-based predecessors, brauzerki boast in times of increased dynamism. For them the action takes place in real time, and for long minutes of meditation you will not give. Will long to think, how to make a move – lose more nimble opponents. Graphics applications such   can not please delights and newfangled special effects, but browser games spared major problem clever MMORPG – long lags and disconnects that often spoil the impression of the coolest toys onlaynovskoy. Taking advantage of our catalog of games, you can choose a browser strategy to their liking and join the millions of players around the globe.