Games Cafe


games, one way or another related to cooking there are so many. The simplest of these are cooking simulator, in which you are given a list of ingredients, the recipe and cooking utensils, with the help of which you will make a culinary masterpiece. But such games are usually only able to interest at first, but after the soul as something you want more variety. A great alternative may be the game cafes for girls, in which the gameplay is not twisted around cooking, and manage your own cafe or restaurant. And you have to play more than one role, and to be something between a manager, waiter and cook. Like most economic simulation, the game begins with the fact that you have at your disposal some backwater diner, where a burger is a dish of the day, and visitors are so rare that their appearance should meet fanfare and champagne. But games for girls restaurants give you the opportunity to correct this deplorable situation. To do this, you have to discipline, patience, and leadership qualities. After all, you have to give instructions to all service personnel, to monitor the availability and quality of food products, interested customers opinions and buy furniture and kitchen equipment. Gradually, the range of dishes available will be expanded, allowing you to improve your skills in different areas of cooking, and clients pulled orderly queues. Games cook in a restaurant you will require a good memory and reaction, you'll need to work with customers, business orders so quickly, that does not always have time to keep track of them. But if you manage to perfectly « », your humble eatery will have all chances to become a fast-food chain McDonald's is not worse, but most ordinary cafe, with the right approach, has the potential to grow to the fashionable restaurants. Your success in online games restaurants will be highly rewarded financially grateful clients, which in addition to payment of the order can also rasschedrivatsya on the tip. The money you spend on business expansion, choosing between hiring additional staff, purchase the newest kitchen appliances, the expansion of the territory of your institution and its decorations of every kind. As a rule, the game of restaurants and cafes are focused on girls, but as practice shows, often their mothers also enthusiastically spend on simulators cafe for hours, improving and developing your own restaurant business.