Games Care for babies

The game of daughters and mothers it is the golden classics of children's games. It is played on every continent girls from Pharaonic times to the present day. At the museum you can see the shelves of dolls - the same age as the pyramids, little hostess who spoke with them on the long since forgotten all languages ​​, but the meaning of the game since then has not changed. Apparently the desire to care about anyone inherent in women at the gene level, somewhere in the depths of the subconscious. Therefore, little girls love so much to take care of their plastic"little daughters"during the game care for babies, moving copying the behavior of their mothers. In light of the above, it is not surprising that developers of computer games for children paid special attention to the genre of games childcare as one of the most sought-after young geymersh, because dolls - dolls and the virtual world gives you much more opportunities for the realization of a fantasy game. Most of these games are typical simulators allow enough to enjoy all the delights of care little moody creature, day and night, in need of your care. The graphics in these bright, juicy, all items carefully traced, and you entrusted the education of infants - the very charm, though not yet begin to act up. In his short and simple games designed for the little ones, you entrust a toddler, which itself will prompt the player that it is now necessary - a bottle of milk, clean diapers or a rattle. You can do is to have time to meet these simple requirements, as a result of your efforts in Chad enjoyment level will rise, which, strictly speaking, required to make during the game. More complex games offer to make on this matter also money, being on a business simulator effect, which would be a kindergarten in your jurisdiction, and on your ability to please everyone, to take the training, baby, your prosperity will depend modest places. The parents, seeing their happy little faces detushek, become generous and you pay an additional fee, which you can safely spend on buying new beds and toys, which in turn will make your nursery more popular, and therefore will raise rates for services rendered. But if during the game for girls kids will long cry and capricious your fault, angry parents can not only reduce costs, but also in general take their krovinushku of places"bad aunt,"which instantly reflected in your income, and obviously for the worse strontium. On these games we told, perhaps, everything. You have only to play!