Games Locks


What is a lock know, probably, even small children, because it is an essential attribute of any fairy tale. Kings and queens, beautiful princesses and noble valiant princes are obliged to live in these magnificent stone buildings adorned with numerous towers with red tile roofs and colorful flags on them. Every decent Castle should certainly be gloomy stone vaults, the dungeon for the royal prisoners, creaky lift bridge over a deep moat, and at least one of the family cast, wailing and thundering chains in gloomy cold corridors.   That's castles, according to popular rumor, with the uncertain light of the torches, read forbidden tomes great mages and warlocks are doing their dark volshbu, calling the dead to the living world. Only the locks are going to feasts valiant knights after heroic deeds, take off their battle armor and drink the night away at a huge roaring fire, listening to the singing of minstrels ready at dawn to go to a new crusade to the singing of battle horns and neighing horses. A small castle with a great balcony sad lady will be a long time to look after his hero, clutching a faded rose. All these romantic refinements only possible in the scenery of the castle, or to provide the Beautiful Lady to the compact kitchen of modern apartment unlikely even the owner of the most violent fantasies. Therefore, developers of computer games, of course, could not get past the castles and their inhabitants. The two largest groups of games in this series are: Protection (Build) to his castle, seizure (destroy) a stranger. Since the break, of course, is easier than to build, and the second type of games is much larger, and much of ways of destruction neighbor's property you are offered a great variety. You can do dig under the castle walls, lay back powder charges and to arrange luxury explosions, you can fire at the castle with heavy iron cores of ancient mortars or apply battering machine, and if all these antiquated methods you seem to be ineffective, then you have to reserve it is possible to organize nice airstrike with precision bombing, and the enemy's stronghold will be forced to surrender to the winner. But during the game locks are not necessarily only to destroy, some of them you can wander in search of valuable artifacts or looking for a way out of the maze of dungeons, deal with their repair and reconstruction and other, no less peaceful affairs.