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The game is different from chess? Have you ever heard such a question? But really, if you can call regular chess game. This question can be easily set a great player Kasparov and logistics. All the world knows this famous person. He was able to beat the computer intelligence, which calculates every move for a moment, and never wrong. – Chess is a real logical and intelligent strategy, where every move can cost you the whole game. Not just a game of chess, compared with the actual fighting, and many military commanders borrowed chess defense in reality. It should be noted that playing them can not everyone, as is required to have strong nerves and a clear mind. It should be easy for another look at the world. When you're playing chess with a man, you have the opportunity to win, and in the literal sense of the word, to measure intelligence. But sooner or later, playing with the same opponent, he lost interest in the game. And what do you do then? The only way out is to try to play chess with the computer, which will always win, but never repeated! Although, maybe you'll have to beat the AI ​​? One day, one person was able to do it, maybe you too will be able to repeat the heroic act, and try to play chess with the computer? The very important thing, do not be afraid to fail, each party will give you invaluable experience and will positively affect the development of your logical thinking. Sometimes it may even help to business. After all, good logic, pledge to make the right decisions. And what if the chess game are no longer give pleasure, because the computer is always in front, and all who are with you playing in reality, is simply not want to play with you, because you are the best player. How, then, to enter and quench the thirst of logical expressions? Do not worry, you can play chess online without registration, where there is no need to spend time filling out useless forms and introduce a bunch of useless data. Just go in the game and choose for themselves the enemy of waiting and ready to fight rivals. Yes it choose, because the game is played online and you'll be playing with this man, who was also looking for a company to chess battles. Very often on the internet entire tournaments are held among the best players. Now, without leaving your home, you can play chess online play and match themselves with a lot of opponents. If you believe in their abilities and are not afraid of a serious game, chess is not a game, but the real battle will help you to have fun and to plunge into the world of logic and intellectual battles.