Games Chip and Dale


These two charming prankster were born in 1988 and immediately won the hearts of young viewers. Inseparable couple acquired entire armies of fans around the world, and this despite the fact that they were not pop stars or cinematic characters, but only two little funny anthropomorphic chipmunks. You probably already realized that it is about Chip and Dale, the famous cartoon rescuers. Who are they and how to look, now every child knows, because the series about the adventures of a consistently repeated on many TV channels. But, nevertheless, he heard the words of the title song of the series, the kids are still running to the TV, even though they know all the adventures of their favorites by heart. Each of the bright and chipmunks immediately recognizable image, which is especially popular with the children. Irrepressible foolish Dale, with enormous red nose and two teeth sticking out, wears a Hawaiian shirt, loves comic books, science fiction and horror movies, irresponsible dunce. Chip - calm and reasonable, dressed in a felt hat and a jacket, like Indiana Jones, loves detective Sherlock Holmes, croaker, serious and necessary. In total, just two such different characters, it is not surprising, make a great team of lifeguards are always ready to come to the aid of those who need it so. And if you remember that in addition to the chipmunks team includes such colorful characters as the Australian mouse Roquefort, brought up in a pack of kangaroos, izumitelnaya myshka inventor by the name of Nut and charming Zipper, it becomes clear that they certainly had become heroes of many computer games that, in fact, happened, and online games chip and Dale were revealed to gamers in a fair amount. Considering the component detective story animated series, many games in this series are also chipmunks an investigation, simultaneously solving quests or folding puzzles. There are some very nice games, coloring in which the youngest players will be interesting to change the shape of your favorite rodent choosing colors to your liking or remembering what they looked like on the screen. The girls might like to use Gadget as a fashion model in a dress up - games. Zipper is ready to participate in air races or to take the time fly - kickboxer. But the most interesting of all the games - it platformer in which restless chipmunks can jump, collect valuable items, throwing boxes in the dog - robots and flying on a balloon, promising you a lot of fun playing minutes.