Counter strike Games


Determined to play and remember the youth play in counter, you've probably run into a situation where the search engine will direct you to another famous game thriller called Counter Strike. It is of course very popular and well known, but as long as the conversation goes about it. Contra (namely with the accent on the first syllable) is known, perhaps, each owner of the once popular consoles Dandy. Cartridges with Rear literally worn to holes, and even after that it was interesting to play it. With the advent of the Internet age, you can enough for nostalgia, using the emulator NES or, even easier, play games, Contra. The history of contraception dates back to 1987 in the form of a slot machine. At that time, the famous Japanese game company Konami just started launching his vampire saga Castlevania and no less grand Metal Gear. Contra did not lag behind their famous friends and a worldwide reputation for the shortest possible time. The game takes us much in the twenty-seventh century, where a small resistance group under the name «Kontra» courageously fighting alien invaders. A distinctive feature of dissent, is to pass it together, taking command of one of the two brave soldiers squad. By the way, the boys differed not only looks, but also affordable arsenal of weapons. Style, which include Contra gameplay can be called rather a mixture of shooter and platformer. In fact, besides destroying hordes of enemies a lot of time had to spend running around the levels by activating lifts and jumping on moving platforms. Play dissent was far from easy, because the opportunity to save on Dandy absent as such, and despite the fact that your hero has a few lives, after death, he began to play with the most simple weapon that defeat powerful enemies was very difficult. Like any self-respecting platformer, Contra consisted of individual levels, the completion of each of which marked the meeting with the boss - the most important and powerful villain to defeat that needed excellent response and a solid service. And speaking of dissent, one that Counter Strike, then he needs no introduction. Famous hunting simulator on terrorists sign, perhaps, every admirer of first-person shooter. Although he appeared over a decade ago, but still gathers crowds of fans, ready to participate in the local network and the Internet battles. both variants of doubles are available on our website, each of which in its famous and popular.