Games about dinosaurs


Stories about dinosaurs have always enjoyed the increased attention of the public. It is yet to be fully realized, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to create his magnificent novel «Zateryanny mir» the expedition team travel to the plateau lost in the jungle, where the giant lizards survived miraculously. Since then, it took a lot of time, but dinosaurs are not only not lost its charm, but got a large army of fans. And love to collect action figures and play games with toothy handsome, not only young paleontologists, but quite respectable adults. At first glance it is difficult to explain why so much of people's love dinosaurs have received it, and not some fictional characters. But if we imagine that all of these giants are not the product of someone's imagination, but a hundred million years ago, walked freely through the territories of the current cities, it becomes clear passion for their history. Now about dinosaurs write books and draw comics, their thumbnails can be started at a plastic figures or cute stuffed animals and, of course, did not escape their attention and game creators. In general, the triumphal procession of the relic lizards started back in 1993, when he saw the light of Steven Spielberg's film Jurassic «Park perioda». While fantasy experienced its heyday in the cinema, and filmmakers in search of ways to interest the audience, have tried almost all of the available subjects, ranging from vampires to giant sharks. But dinosaurs before, so no one thoroughly addicted. The result was not long in coming and soon the world is in awe watching the adventures of a group of tourists who find themselves in a park filled with go out of control under the lizards. After that, many directors have tried to achieve fame in the field of the genre, but could only do so in 20 years, when using the latest digital technologies remarkable scientific and popular TV series Walking with Dinosaurs was created. And if we consider the fact that dinosaurs reached even children's cartoons, but now any child will tell you why the Tyrannosaurus the coolest in the jungle, and why such a long neck Iguanodon. Online games about dinosaurs gives us the opportunity to meet with familiar from childhood lizards, which appear as in the role of the formidable predators, and in the role of cute cartoon characters. And the number of genres to which got this tailed and toothy brothers just rolls: Arcade, Action, horror, action, and even for the youngest fans there simulator of care for the little dinosaur.