Doctor Games


Games doctor will show that the choice of medical specialty is absolutely not suitable for people nervous and impressionable. This is especially evident in the game to do the operation. In them you will have an opportunity to participate in this operation, starting from the anesthesia and finishing sutures. And your actions will directly depend on your virtual life and health of the patient. After that many people can be frightened entrusted responsibility for the consequences of their decisions, but it is better to let it happen in the game than after admission to medical school. But, of course, and there are young doctors who are absolutely confident in his choice of profession and for their games in the doctor will be a wonderful learning and cognitive benefits. Recently, on the screen more and more flash movies and TV shows devoted to medical subjects. Most of them resonate with viewers who are happy to wait for the new series: Doctor House, interns, ambulance. But hardly anyone thinks that shows us a picture of noble doctors who jokingly ready to save any patient, is a very big exaggeration and romanticizing this challenging profession. Of course, we do not claim that the audience can feel the history of the everyday ordinary provincial hospital, instead of gripping dramas and romantic twists and turns, which are full of modern medical series. But precisely because of such stories, the younger generation creates an image of the doctor as a sort of hero in a white cloak, which effortlessly ready to diagnose and treat patients at the same time, simultaneously solving a couple of problems on the personal front. And if adult viewers are well aware that it's nothing more than the fruit of fantasy writers, the young viewers might seem that the medical profession, this is what it should definitely tie their future life. This decision of course is highly commendable, but only if it comes from the heart and is directed to a desire to help people, and if it is just another fad, the result of such a choice will be very sad. So, if your child was determined to be one of the servants of Hippocrates, you will be most welcome in handy playing doctor, a large assortment, you can find on our site. Such educational and entertaining game perfect for what would be a child could know all the difficulties of the medical profession, with all the associated attributes in the form of tests, operations, X-rays, injections and, of course, the patients whose interests must always come first.