Doll Games


Nowadays modern doll industry produces a range of toys that our mothers do not even dreamed of. If you were previously only available dolls as children who were often made ​​of hard plastic and are equipped with hair falls down forever, but now any toy store is able to give us a set of beauties for every taste. As you might guess, it all started with the appearance of the famous beauty of Barbie, which immediately won the hearts of girls around the world. What is not surprising, because, unlike their predecessors, Barbie had a model figure corresponding to a girl of eighteen. Now there are so many puppet companies, representatives of small differ as age and external data. Since Bratz series, for example, corresponds to girls 13-15 years old who love bright dresses and trendy hangouts. A mysterious and unsmiling Mukla also meet teenage girls, but it is made ​​in a completely different style. The Japanese version of Barbie named Momoko, made ​​little anime style and a cute attractive face and an incredibly huge number of images and outfits. So, now to play a doll, you only need to choose a darling to taste, and, of course, buy for her backgammon, shoes, and along with the boyfriend with a bunch of girlfriends. Of course, it is costing you a pretty penny, but if you have to take into account the fact that young girls often want to start every month on the new darling, that many parents have to look for an alternative version of the usual dolls. Here we come to the aid and computer games dedicated to dolls. Some are prejudiced against such toys, arguing their opinion that a virtual doll can not pick up and roll in a wheelchair and fed porridge. In principle, they are right, but when you consider the huge scope for game creation, which provide us with games dedicated to dolls, all the doubts recede into the background. After all, they represent hundreds of fashionable clothes, doll accessories such as makeup, wigs, shoes, and houses, and, of course, the dolls themselves, that beauty sometimes even surpass their real counterparts. The world of computer games doll, will give you the opportunity to play the characters favorite animated series, Disney princesses and beautiful rendered dolls for free. To do this you need only use the search by the category of games with dolls and choose beautiful to his liking.