Domino game


Now few people know that such a beloved man playing dominoes, there was more than ten centuries ago in China. At the currently making trade between   China and India, and among the curiosities were imported and unusual playing records made ​​of ivory. The appearance of the then plates are not very different from modern bones of dominoes, and was also divided into two halves. This was done in order to display the result of throwing two dice: the number on each half belonged to the first and second cube respectively. Savvy Chinese who before this famous love of board games and puzzles, quickly found the use of the Indian invention. Slightly refined the existing rules, they have created their own version of dominoes, which is very similar to the modern. In addition, the game of dominoes is the ancestor of the famous solitaire Mahjong, which was created by the introduction of the usual special domino bones with images of dragons, plants, and other areas of the world themed pictures. A domino come to us only in the 18th century, having undergone minor changes in the bones of the set, and then updated as a game and has reached our days. Now, in the age of global computerization, more and more of the good old games such as chess and cards, moving into computer format. Domino's was no exception to this rule, and in the spaces of the Internet there was a set of resources, where there is a domino games. This version of games is a lot of positive reviews of users and content were only perhaps the most hardened conservatives. Of course, virtual domino is not suitable for the dimensions of parties in the company of old friends and a glass of beer. But it can be played at any available time, not puzzling finding partners for the game. You may say that it is too pragmatic? Far from it, it's not all play dominoes with the aim to communicate with old friends, because there are people who just love the gameplay. In addition, the virtual counterparts of board games are often supplied with all sorts of additions and chips, which in a real game is not available. Choosing the colors of the game table and chips, music and so nice for the men's version of the eye as poker, checkers and dominoes on the strip. Before the last argument pales even the most compelling arguments in favor of the real games is – because you are unlikely to find exactly. Our site provides you the different versions of the game of dominoes, from the classic to the most colorful and unusual.