Dragons Games


Probably, there is no better known mythological creatures than the dragon. It is inexplicable surprise that does not exist in the reality of the beast, anyway, it is present in cultures all over the world, and the first mention of him are the days when the connection between the ancient cultures were simply impossible in view their full geographic isolation. And yet, all we know of the ancient legends dragons are strikingly similar to each other, except for minor national differences. Monsters are huge, toothy, and covered with glittering scales, usually insidious. The distinctive feature of this type should also include a healthy habit of spitting fire and eat young virgins. Sin in this business as the classic Western European representatives of the Brood, and our homegrown comrades, one Dragon that only there. In fairness, it should be noted that the Chinese attitude to the dragons completely different. For any Chinese dragon has an ancient and inviolable animal that must be respected, adored and humor. They dragon symbol of happiness, wealth and prosperity, so bug-eyed wooden dragon snout proudly look to «podnebesnuyu» from the roofs of churches and monasteries, promising its inhabitants peace and prosperity. It is not surprising that, given the craze and other eastern philosophy of feng shui on the one hand, and increased interest in Hollywood films in the genre «fentezi» other dragons majestically came to the fore in modern pop culture. Not spared a newfangled trend and the virtual world, as evidenced by the huge number of games on the dragon theme, where they appear before the player in different guises – from the vehicle to the object of the hunt. During the game the player can help the dragons to fight universal evil side of goodness and light, and, sometimes, themselves representatives will suddenly dark forces are hatching plans for the destruction of mankind and the world domination of the ancient race. Indeed, mysterious ways of thought game developers! But one thing is for sure, they brought « » subspecies of these toothy reptiles, conventionally called «drakon humane and druzhelyubnyy». Typical of this subspecies dragons have large trusting eyes with long lashes, reduced dimensions, shy smile and an amazing ability to fall into all sorts of stories. Naturally honorable duty worthy of them get out given their friend – novice gamers.