Games Farm


The first game of the fun on the farm came through the efforts of our employees Alawar in 2007. And since then, thanks to a brilliant embodiment of a rather interesting idea, the number of game requests ferma nachalo grow at a rate exceeding the highest expectations of its developers. Being inherently hybrid simulation of production and economic strategy, namely games online farm took over the minds of gamers. It would seem, why the farm, not some machine-building plant or chemical plant? Whence this sudden love for agriculture? The secret here is not great, because we all know that computer games pampering in the workplace – prerogative «ofisnyh homyachkov» safely hiding from the watchful eye of official grandeur screen monitors and depicting violent production activities. Therefore, the main consumers of these games is the typical inhabitants of cities, citizens in the third generation and virtual plants and factories, they are unlikely to zainteresuesh – real smoke all day under the windows filthy environment. Whether it Farm It! Pastoral Idyll, the dream of every urban dweller. Classic set of summer resident: grass, flowers ducks, chickens and hens! These beautiful, bright, somewhat cheap popular. And a sense of humor developers appeared at an altitude of – in the game farm to play really fun. The people wanted to continue, and it did not fail to follow. After the first, a second farm, not inferior to the fun gameplay of its ancestor and has in its arsenal a lot of additional game items, small factory and domestic animals. During the game online for free farm 2 you have been given the opportunity of small producers to become a real shark agricultural businesses, the owner of a sort of agricultural holdings, which of course complicates the game, but also made ​​it more fun. The range of products has expanded, and new forms of transport, up to the private farm aircraft, the game ceased to be linear, and longed to reach financial success was made possible by several methods, invented by the player. Given the fact that the play to the farm has become fashionable and this craze spread among office staff at a rate of a flu epidemic, other game company wanted to get a piece of success cake and created numerous games clones, some of which are also very interesting and have a right to gaming love.