Games Farmerama


Perhaps one of the most popular games right now is a game farm. This is not a complicated toy, it is possible to combine the features of the economic simulation and arcade fun. Incredible popularity of the farm in the first place owes social networks, in which she was born as a genre. Later, there were versions for the PC, and options that allow fans farmerama play online, but the basis of the plot remains the same. You possession given a small plot of land on which will expand farming activities based on their tastes and preferences. Here you can dig and beds, and plant vegetables, and most importantly – realize the fruits of their labor farm and receive a virtual money. Accumulated capital you can distribute yourself, for example, to purchase equipment or fowl to add. No tricks gameplay is not – main time to click the mouse and have the imagination and logical thinking. As already mentioned, farmerama originates in social networks, and, the main principles of the game are not particularly changed. But the main advantage, thanks to which the request for farmerama play online are increasingly entered into the search box is the fact that playing online fermeramu not require you to absolutely no monetary investment. It is because of the fact that the versions for social networks, all the decisive presence in your account the necessary sum of money, increased the popularity of the online version fermeramy. In addition to the lack of mandatory cash investments play farmerama worth more because of its strategic component. After all, unlike the version for social networks, in our version, it is all about not just mouse-clicking and frequent visits to the game. In Fermerame, the developers provided a wide range of possible actions: the choice of the method of sale of the harvest, the determination of how many products of your labor costs to sell and what to keep in storage, selection of the best agricultural machinery and the establishment of trade with farmers colleagues. Every decision will lead not only to a change in your cash balance, but will also allow fans to play fermarama more flexibly and to build their own farm business development strategy. A significant advantage fermeramy is also implicit opportunity to interact with other players. For example, you can join forces with their virtual friends together and sell merchandise, participate in quests and post reviews. So farmerama will allow you to make many new friends, colleagues farming business.