Trendy boutique games

Game fashion boutique is a prominent representative of a fairly large group of business simulyatorv games, which are based on the real laws of economics, the strict observance of which guarantees the success and prosperity of your virtual enterprise. It is clear that to play 2 online fashion boutique is more complicated than in the"Action"or"shooter", because there is not enough ability to quickly pound on the keyboard, and the need for accurate calculation, attention to detail, intelligence and, of course, a sort of commercial vein. Additional charm of this game adds the fact that the gameplay taking place at a chic boutique interiors, filled to the brim with exclusive clothes, and not in the shops, for example, peat processing plant. Background to the game is: your grandmother, and part- owner of the network and upmarket shops, at the whim of developers passed under your wise leadership of one of its boutiques, with a prerequisite - not in any way prevent a decline in revenue. If you put all of their effort to justify the high confidence the old lady, granny promises to you in the future to unsubscribe his fashion empire, consisting of seven such shops. But for this you need to try very hard, because the buyer is gone now cranky and fastidious, is only a little gape, do not conduct it in time in the fitting room cabin, as he had offended and left to your competitors that immediately affect your income. In addition, in order to attract more customers you should think about buying a new commercial equipment, expansion of product range, the introduction of a modern system of bonuses and discounts. Particular attention, as in life, you will have to pay to VIP-clients, because of their special favors depends profitability of your company. Once you get into the fundamental laws of trade is up and running smoothly entrusted you to trade on the site, you can complicate the task and move on to the next step. In a trendy boutique 3 online play you a lot of trade cases to train in the previous section, not be easy. Everything is familiar, but more products, more opportunities, more different types of buyers, and each of them with its interesting features and orders. Thanks to the efforts of developers, compared to the fashion boutique game 2 play in the third part was still amusing because of the complexity of the plot, increasing the number of jobs and improve its graphic elaboration.