Games Fashion Show

When the developers of computer games for girls tired of churning out faceless, similar to each other like twins, banal"dress up", they begin to think more creatively and produce the light of day games for girls fashion show, which, while remaining essentially the same"Dress "still have some lively gameplay. They are placed in front of the player, albeit quite unpretentious, but still the problem that respectively turns on the brain and activate the mental activity young fans of glamor. Aimless repetitive fitting the entire row are suspended, and the game becomes more or less meaningful. In the course of the game fashion for girls young designers need to select the model to choose their own make-up and hairstyle for her, of having a vast wardrobe to choose the best outfit, providing it with all the necessary accessories, and put the result of his work on the court demanding audience. Then with bated breath to expect the audience reaction. And so what you happen to hear - enthusiastic applause and cheers or condemning whistle - completely depends on your taste and talent. If your creation has received general approval, it will be possible to"take a picture"and by printing, is proud to show all her friends. Another significant advantage of games in the fashion shows of clothes in front of the usual"Dress"is that they are usually offered several times more orders, the quality of which is noticeably different for the better. In addition, the dressing of your choice girl, you, with the successful selection of make-up, jewelery and costume, raises its rating model that allows you to continue to take part in the more expensive and prestigious fashion shows. And, if you really lucky in the fashion field, then you will be able to turn his protégé into a real queen of the podium. In some games of this genre the player is required to wear a girl- model is not only beautiful, but also in accordance with the specified style (boho, hippie, Glamour or fusion), which requires a certain awareness of the modern fashion trends and trends, or to create an outfit from the options of styles and fabrics, which will then be evaluated meticulous jury. There are games in which you, as a real fashion designer, you must first develop an entire fashion collection, designed in the same direction and consisting of 10-12 dresses, and only then begin to show its viewers. Given that the total number of toys on the fashion theme is large enough, each girl will be able to find among them the game.