Games Fashion


The first ladies were born, perhaps, back in the days when people thought of to put on the skin of his own he had killed a mammoth, it would not be so cold to live in an ice cave. But if primitive man was only interested in the size and thickness of the skin itself (that would have been bigger and warmer), the primitive woman had already demanded the most fluffy, bright specks and, of course, better than the mistress of a neighboring cave. Millennia have passed, and the attitude to the clothes in different sexes remains the same. The men, as before, are primarily interested in the functional quality clothing - cramped and uncomfortable, then not will wear, but for most women glavnoe – modno and girlfriends jealous. When that is particularly interesting, «modno» «krasivo»  concepts and often do not have anything in common, because the word «modno» long been substituted for in the public mind the notion «kak vse». If, in the morning went out on the street, our lady says that half going to meet her the same ladies dressed in, say, the red cap, then it immediately descends insight – is fashionable! So an urgent need to run to the store and buy the same, so that, God forbid, not to be considered unfashionable. The other, which considers itself the more advanced category fashionistas this  –  readers of glossy magazines, clock discussed along Hollywood divas and stupidly trying to copy them at pomoschi domoroschennyh funds. This type of brilliantly ridiculed the classics and to us recall – fashionable Ellochki – lyudoedki war with its Mexican billionaire Vanderbildihoy i tushkanov. In order to avoid future frank absurd in the suit, is puzzling and mocking glances, artistic taste and sense of style should be brought up in a girl since childhood, when she still did not choose their own clothes. Learn the principles of color combination, the successful combination of different wardrobe items, the proper selection of accessories flipping through art books and professional fashion magazines for the baby is not interesting, and tiring. Make this process fun and entertaining, and are designed to fashion games for girls online. All of them belong to the category of so-called odevalok « », and their number exceeds all your expectations. Fantasy developers when creating boundaries clearly did not have. Dress invited everyone from Queen Victoria to girls bees  –, kawaii anime – geroini Matsuri or plush volchitsy Klavdin! The number of clothes designed for this purpose, their fashions and styles do not lend themselves to kakomu – libo description merit – ne remeasure!