Fighting games for two


Since the first game console, a special love gamers enjoyed fighting, they're fighting games. Gameplay games those days, as he was very simple and straightforward, and thus reached the present day. You choose a character myself liking, enters the ring and begins to cause good and justice to his opponent. Simple and primitive, you might say? Yes, but extremely exciting. First, fighting games is well-developed characters. They are usually picked up thematically, and each fighter has its own set of characteristics. For example, in the fights we can control the characters like a single game universe, and from different, for example, playing for the same heroes of the Marvel comic, who oppose the soldiers of the famous game company Capcom. The most interesting thing, just lies in the combination of different fighters with their styles, techniques and different weight categories. Sometimes you can get a very funny fights, exposing skinny girl schoolgirl against hefty pumped wrestler. Of course, games for two fights just attract a variety of ways to achieve victory – because someone like sophisticated techniques of kung fu, where the fighter movement more like a dance, while others hoped for an old proven method of brute force. All is good, but in recent years developers have not really delight us with new masterpieces of the field fights, preferring shooters and numerous MMORPG. And although in the same online RPGs often has a duel mode where you can fight against other players, it is still far from the sensations to the good fighting game. After all, the role-playing games often win those who spend more time at the computer, participating in all sorts of raids and quests, which undoubtedly affects the character and prokachanosti its financial position. But what can we do to those who love the game for two fights, but does not want to sit for hours at the computer screen, achieving next level and hundredth time doing the same quest? In this case, the perfect choice will be fighting for two that will delight you not only meet with familiar characters, but also allow to play together on one keyboard. You must agree, a thousand times more interesting to play with a live opponent, which is not for a dozen kilometers away from you, and sits next to knocking on the keys and emotionally commenting on all of your successful and not much action. Therefore, for a wonderful evening of of interesting fighting game, you need only a computer with Internet access and a loyal friend, who will share with you the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat.