Fighting games


– Fighting game is a genre where you have to be sure with whom - the fight. They come in various playful nature, where you have to kick a certain cartoon character or a more serious fight, where you can find an opponent who is stronger. Poigrat smogut all, and in the management of each quickly sort out how rukovodit svoim hero, as a rule, it is no more than 3-5 buttons, with the help of what you can run, jump, doing punches, combos – blows (that pressing a couple or more keyboard keys that It allows your character to make some incredibly beautiful scathing impact), and many other tricks. Play fighting is also possible for two and it gives you the opportunity to play with your friend against the enemies or figure out the relationship between them. These applications have a large population of   boys, but girls can also play safely.  Draki have many different kinds of fights: melee (fist fight), martial arts, battle with swords and other edged weapons. Battles take place in different arenas, the planets, and so on. P. You can play your favorite movie hero: Superman, Batman, Spiderman (Spider-Man), the Hulk, Iron Man, Terminator, Robocop and a bunch of other world heroes. Online games for boys fight probably the toughest section of flash drives are represented here: the battle sparring, mass and single battles, gladiator fights and street fights, fight with swords. Razvlecheniya dostupny for all age groups, and parents need not worry, no violence do not contain, as they are carefully selected project administration. Toys for boys contain a different story for the meaning, than fight for the girls, the girls in the charge of the main game to make fun of the plan, on how - the bear or elephant, and the guys provided a real opportunity to show its strength and power. Boi horosho relieve stress, there are a lot of games where you can beat the character and make him a lot of good things are not different, and this will raise your mood because it will be very funny. Games 3D you will have good visibility of the arena fights or other place where you can show a variety of different methods of street fighting techniques or martial arts: karate, kun- fu, judo. Boxing and kickboxing are also present here, and you can show how much you are strong and how good your battle tactics. More good games you will certainly be interested, and you add our site to itself in bookmarks and more sure you come.