Game Fishdom

Recently, the creators of computer games in search of new ideas are increasingly resorting to such a move, as a mixture of several genres. Now no one is surprised any RPG with elements of first-person shooter, with a mixture of quest and spy thriller, or a combination of newfangled simulators interior designer and the most common office games. In our experience, the result of this halophytes leaves often very contradictory. At the exit we can get as a regular punching empty and completely revolutionary gaming product. But more often it turns sort of a strong middling, which attracts the audience by not hackneyed gameplay. What category of games can be attributed one of the most popular projects of the company Alawar called Fishdom. The project went so successful that its continuation was not far off in Fishdom 2 play online now can at most online gaming resources. So, what makes this toy from a variety of other clones Lines? The fact that fishdome creators have relied on the well -established an old office game Lines and added zest to a small simulation of design activity. A nice selection of the hearts of many users threads aquariums and fish, finally completed the begun business and made ​​the game just incredibly addictive. After all, it would seem, the game is on the line already all too familiar with, and can not present anything new. And then the usual chips are replaced by shells and other marine entourage, and the action of the game transferred to the ocean depths, especially promotes calm and measured game. The atmosphere of the game, with all its pop-up fish, air bubbles and quiet and unobtrusive background music helps to ensure that in Fishdom can play for hours, and without stopping. But the most interesting thing you expect after completing a few levels you will accumulate a little earned game points. They fishdome are not just an indicator of coolness, and the equivalent of bank notes. The whole trick is, that means you have to deal with its own aquarium arrangement obtained during the game. And believe me, this process is able to captivate any user, regardless of his age. After all, in addition to all kinds of rare breeds of aquarium fish, your area of the ocean floor, you can settle in more and shrimps, snails and other marine life. A decorative use all sorts of algae and aquatic plants. If you have already bought all the desired fish, then you are waiting for decorations in the form of amphorae, treasure chests and pirate galleons.