Games fool


If you ask the first comer human question: « Which card game you play? », is very likely the first in the list of responses would play the fool. By coincidence, we have the rules of this simple and at the same time, exciting game, familiar to very young age. « » fool caught so that even the most strict parents allowed her children to play cards in the fool. True to conventional glasses or matches, but the lack of money as interest rates or does not spoil the game and enjoy the fun does not interfere with gameplay. So why, in contrast to the same poker, bridge and whist, only «durak» received the status of a truly people's game? Firstly, it is, of course, easy to master the rules. Even if you are the first time in my life are invited to play in this game, only fifteen minutes of explanation of the principle of the game will allow you to play the fool if not perfect, at least at a decent amateur level. Secondly, very affordable deck requirements and the number of players. For the party in « » fool, you do not need special chips or special deck quite normal thirty-six cards and at least one opponent. As already mentioned, the rules « » fool not clearly defined, and they are practically impossible to find discrepancies. Each of the players receives six random cards, and pulled out a trump suit. There are players at a time, while the older suit beats younger, and all the trump cards – Other. If you go to a trump, then hit his only trump suit a senior rank. If someone on the go successfully bounces, the cards are in «otboy», and the players make up the stock in the hands of cards from the deck. If the same player there is nothing to beat, then he has to choose everything that generously promptly inserted his opponent for this move. The winner is declared the first one is left without cards in his hand. Recently, most card games moved to the computer format and «durak» was no exception. Play the fool online can be on a variety of Internet resources, but such a choice of different variations of your favorite games, as we do, you probably will not find anywhere else. By the way, the online game has a lot of advantages: you no longer need to search for an opponent, if you decide to play in «duraka» at work or at home, in addition, a virtual version of the card game fool have a lot of advantages. Judge for yourself, where else, no matter how the Internet can play in «duraka» strip or, for example, play an animated map that build funny faces, or comment on each of your good or not quite a coup. All of these options are good old-fashioned game of « » bum waiting for you on pages of our site.