Fruit Ninja games


All our knowledge about the mysterious invisible killers clan ninja are drawn mainly from action movies or anime. They are, as a rule, these warriors shuriken and Kunai appear harsh fighters immaculately execute orders and ready to take any risk for the mother of the clan. Stealers night like shadows, they have long been surrounded by a special aura of mystery, and on the basis of this, they even attributed the incredible abilities like walking on water, mind reading and teleportation. This heroic image was so caught, especially in the American cinema, that the cases when a ninja act comic role, can be counted on the fingers, such as anime characters. And, of course, all know the famous foursome amphibians mutants with names of famous artists of the Renaissance – they really what exactly are the most charming and funny cartoon ninja representatives. In the world of computer games the situation is a bit different take at least – of the game Fruit Ninja. They first appeared as an application for phones and so loved by the users that their onlaynovskie versions were soon developed. So, what is this creature geniuses gaming industry? In Fruit Ninja online you in the best tradition of the genre, you should learn how to skillfully wield any katana or tanto. Only your opponent will not act wealthy Japanese feudal lords, and even the notorious mafia, and the most common fruits. Here is an unusual application developers to come up with a noble samurai weapons. So, the game begins with the fact that in front of you will subscribe to a variety of fruits that should hack in flight accurate flick faithful sword. The first thing you notice, it will be a high-quality drawing, whereby in Fruit Ninja play online for hours, despite its apparent simplicity. For your sword in the best traditions of the samurai anime will remain bluish trail and panache of bright and juicy fruit, deserves special praise. Each successful hit will be accompanied by bristling with juice and flying in different directions halves fruit. By the way, the game provides the opportunity to combo, bringing extra points. They are produced when a single movement with the sword you manage to hit more than two fruits. And users have to relax, sometimes appear among fruit bombs to avoid. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game was very addictive – you can see for yourself in the right on this page of our website.