Games gold digger


Greed inherent in the very essence of the human being. It was she who drove the first settlers in the Wild West, promising mountains of precious metal, for which many were willing to risk their lives. It would seem that currently sit quietly, work for non-profit, but the favorite, but it was not there! People threw their homes and habitual way because loomed on the horizon, golden haze, which promised unprecedented wealth and a comfortable existence. Needless to say that not all become millionaires, and then only a few can boast of really big catch nuggets to its credit prospector. But, this little handful of people gave hope to thousands of others who are ready to embark on unimaginable adventures, guided by the principle «esli lucky he is lucky and mne».   Times change, but the desire to get rich quick does not let people out of their clutches. Even now, just look at the game in many casinos, and how they won a decent amount, can not bring himself to move away from the table and quietly go home a winner. After the gold rush is indestructible and it is ready to push us to new recklessness, on the way to get rich quickly. This secret has long been known to the creators of computer games, who know perfectly well what you can entice the user. So were invented online games gold digger, which give us the feel as a seasoned treasure hunter. For this purpose, you handed a special probe and these simple tool you will have to be removed from the land of gold nuggets. Your goal is to dig gold in the desired amount, for a limited period of time. Such seemingly simple rules, give the whole build strategies that will win you the shortest route. After first level takes place quite quickly, but then the difficulty increases, there are not the necessary stones, the capture of which robs you precious seconds and each step has to reconcile several times. It is because of the need to use logic and calculate every move, playing a gold digger became very popular among lovers of office games. For their unpretentious graphics and simple controls, hiding a huge amount of story forks: to pull a large stone or a couple of small, expensive to get to the ingot or get some cheap – All these solutions lead to the fact that each party is unique in the prospector. On our website you will find both versions canonicity favorite games and updates, such as fishing game in which your goal is to catch costly fish.