Gravity Games


History of the series of diverse games, united under the brand name Gravity, started probably in far already for us to April 2004, when the National US Space Agency launched a program to study the effects of geodetic precession of gyroscopes, predicted by Einstein in his famous theory of relativity . In more understandable terms, the first time we measured the space-time curvature under the influence of Earth's gravitational field, so that our loved science fiction. To this end, after a long preparation into orbit scientific artificial satellite, received a beautiful name Gravity was launched, which probably gave its name to the eponymous cycle of games based on the application of the laws of gravity in the gameplay. At first it was quite unpretentious mini- games – free applications for mobile phones, the competitors of the famous «zmeyke» having in the range of only three planets, simple operation and basic rules. But when they were transferred to computer format, Gravity Games   has become much more complicated, and therefore more interesting. The player is now has at its disposal a mini copy of the entire universe, with its stellar and planetary systems, strictly obeying immutable physical laws, not the whims of unrestrained imagination of developers. Therefore, a desire to play at high levels Gravity is clearly not enough. For they pass you need a basic knowledge of physics, at least at the elementary level, the ability to think logically and to anticipate the consequences of their actions, because in their absence, you are unlikely to progress beyond the first level. Gravity is not an easy game and absolutely not for those who are used to kill my free time mindlessly beating on the keyboard. It will be interesting, first of all, the players get real pleasure from the process of solving complex logical tasks and successful practical application of their knowledge. And if you do not quite believe in their abilities, try to start your acquaintance with Gravity with simple mode, something resembling a golf and billiards. And just when are comfortable in the vast virtual universe, boldly go to the second difficulty mode – full, quality performance physical stimulant, where all the calculations you have to spend independently, no longer relying on the help and computer tips. Only then will you be able to feel the excitement of this unusual at first glance unpretentious game.