Playing guitar


popularity of computer technology has been steadily increasing, and with it, an increasing number of funds play all kinds of music formats. Due to the same MP3 player, your favorite songs are available in the subway, the bus, at home and at work. A number of artists have just rolls - sometimes we do not even keep up with the constantly changing world of musical novelties. But as a rule, everyone, even the most exotic genre finds its audience. The same situation occurs with musical instruments - someone like traditional drums, and some filed exclusively eastern koto and ocarinas. But in the ranking of the most popular tools, first place, for a single decade, it takes guitar. Such popularity is due to its very simple: a wide range of sound, which seems easy to learn, and not high cost (compared to the same drum kit or a piano). Therefore, young musicians often start out with is mastering the guitar. Sometimes they decide to do without teachers and tutors, and in this situation to the aid of the Internet and many simulators play guitar online. After all, the game industry is ready to provide any computer user the opportunity to feel: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen. We are talking about such a game genre as simulators playing musical instruments, the most prominent representative of which is Guitar Hero, which immediately gained unprecedented popularity among fans. The main advantage of these toys is that often, the desire to learn to play the guitar, comes down to whether «a mne», and of course no one wants to not try to buy an expensive tool for what would have to learn a few chords and throw it difficult. Even the performance of the easiest tracks requires diligent training and frequent practice, but if you just want to try to learn from their own experience what is a play on the guitar, or want to pass a couple of hours due to not tense up game, the guitar simulator is your choice. Of course, shown on this page is flash games can not boast of such graphical bells and whistles like the same Guitar Hero, but for their development you do not need a special guitar, a conventional keyboard and mouse. games presented here do not require an investment of money and are available in several differing performance, options.