Harry Potter Games


The hero of this game series, any additional recommendations, surely does not need! Yes, it is understandable, because our story will be about the great and mighty Harry Potter, whose name is known around the child, and read it half the adult population of our planet. A touching story of a boy orphan that had come loose in the people, that is, excuse me, in the magicians, still makes girls' hearts flutter tender and call for all sorts of feats boys. And all this despite the fact, take into account that the first part of the epic LP was released back in 1997, and it's already the last century! Then there were six, no less successful, books, plenty of fan imitations, a few more or less successful parodies and full screen version of the cycle, heaped generously flavored with special effects that only added to the excitement of fans environment. Doctors began to think about the official diagnosis Pottermania « » looking at the young ladies running around in black robes, muttering unintelligible incantations and frantically waving «volshebnymi» sticks. It is quite clear that game developers could not stay away from that tidbit, because people simply longed to play the game of Harry Potter. All fans wanted so much to believe that wizards nearby, magicians here and you can, arriving at Victoria Station, walk to platform 9 ¾, a seat in a compartment of bright red express train and go to school at Hogwarts. And Harry Potter games online to provide them with the opportunity to immerse your head in the charming magical reality of JK Rowling. In terms of appearance in the light of new books about the magical boy with a scar from a deadly curse, and his friends Ron and Hermione, and expanded game world. Now Harry Potter games online are represented in almost all genres from classical game quests and races to shooters and brodilok, it came even to banal odevalok for girls and puzzles. In many of them, of course, the name of Harry Potter is only used to attract the attention of young gamers, and the games themselves, except that the magical surroundings like a pumpkin and chocolate zhabok, relationship to the plot have not. But the true and loyal fans of Rowling's, heart know all the twists and turns of an intricate plot, will be able to find us worthy of Harry Potter games that followed the basic rules of the magic Potter's universe - the insidious wizards really wicked and dangerous, small characters are desperately fighting against evil and in the end, as it should be according to the plot, good triumphs over the dark forces.