Games Hello Kitty


If you ask any person who has no special knowledge in animation, to name the most famous Japanese characters, in most cases the answer will be the famous Pokemon, and a little white cat. It is about her and will be discussed. Meet the little heroine can everywhere – on postcards, as prints for bags and t-shirts, stationery, and a myriad of similar products. Hello Kitty, it was the name of the cat, has become world famous among young girls, for which it was originally created, and among the older generation. Kitty His triumphal procession beginning in 1974, as a child's toy, and then the whole brand. Initially, the main fans of products decorated with the image of a cute cat had children, but then the company has expanded its product range, and there were adults and goods with her ​​cute little face. In addition, Kitty took its place as the heroine of cartoons, console games, and now you can meet her and v Hello kitti igry where kitty undoubtedly gets the main role. Surprisingly, a character with such a seemingly simple design, never ceases to conquer thousands of women's hearts. It's amazing how, drawn from the muzzle must bow on the ear, all kinds of bright dresses and pink binding, were able to conquer such a huge number of fans of glamor. Even many subcultures have not ignored the famous cat and made it one of his characters. Brand hello kitty and got to the branch of computer technology - cat muzzle present on flash drives, headphones, mouse pads, and more recently, even saw the light of anti-virus and firewall, named in her honor. Met with a cat, you can on a variety of Internet resources, because its image was in fact one of its memes. Not surprisingly, the Kitty firmly established and in computer games. Games kitty online, like most such games for girls are made in cheerful pink and accompanied by amusing music. In them, young players are given the opportunity to join the beloved heroine in all sorts of adventures. Kitty can dress in funny costumes, feed the delicious pastries, teach dance and solve puzzles along with it. In the catalog of our site games, you 'll find plenty of online games in the series hello kitty, as well as be able to play them for free. Join the thousands of fans of the ageless brand and enjoy a variety of light and fun games with his participation.