Among gaming series special place is famous Heroes of Might and Magic. Perhaps no one game is not able to achieve such great popularity, thanks to which it has become a legend among the genre of turn-based strategy. Now there are as many as five pieces of the famous series, and is especially popular and loved by players of the third and fifth parts. The main difference between a fifth of Heroes, is that in it the developers have decided to resort to the three-dimensional graphics. Although the basis for its gameplay third part was taken, but the new version had a few significant differences. For example, adding a very useful option for those who do not like to delay the progress of parties – «bystraya igra», which limited the number of available moves, making gameplay more dynamic.   lovers to compete with friends or computer, waiting and duel modes one by one and three by three, in which you entrust the army with one or entire three heroes fighting ability which was to prove on the field of battle. So, in the game heroes 5   you have to choose one of the factions, which relies its own set of characters, artifacts and accessible cities. If you decide to join the forces of good, then you are waiting for magicians from the Academy of Magic, which became mandatory heroes series forest elves proud and noble knights of the Order of the Order. Wizards kept the wisdom of former times, and devote their lives to studying the intricacies of magic. They can rule the magical creatures such as Gremlins, Gargoyles, powerful magic, genies, rakshassy, terrifying colossi. Wise elves are very proud and try not to enter into alliances with other factions. They live in the world with the forces of nature and are subject to all kinds of forest spirits, the druids and unicorns. And the Order is for those for whom honor and valor always comes first. No wonder on their coat of arms depicts a griffin – these noble creatures in the Order are used as separate units, and for riding. And fans of the dark side of force will meet with treacherous dark elves from the League of Shadows, recognized by assassins who are professional assassins, hydras and minotaurs. Inferno faction worshiping chaos and has at its disposal all sorts of fiery demon imps from the strongest to the Devils. And finally, the most original is the Necropolis faction, whose ranks you will meet vampires, zombies, ghosts, and the entire set of necromantic evil. Playing in Heroes 5, you can determine the order to which side to join and build their own game strategy that will lead you to victory.