Game Hulk

All of us at the school wrote essays on literature on given topics such as"Pechorin typical representative of the Russian nobility 40s of the 19th century." So, if we talk about our hero fighters, cartoons and computer games, it fit to write an article entitled"The Hulk - a typical representative of the American superhero mid-20th century." This green husky on the right is one of the ten most popular, have certain supernatural powers, the heroes of the American urban folklore, that is to say the comics. Along with Captain America, Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, our Hulk gained the status of a cult character with all its consequences: the club of fans, numerous souvenirs with his image, various toy hulks on the shelves of children's shops, T-shirts with his portraits, and this in fact far more inconclusive list. Against this background, the appearance of the list of the first game Hulk looks very natural. The developers obviously could not resist and pass such a colorful type, only one bright green color of his skin is worth a lot, but there is also a powerful figure, and incredible physical strength - but Hulk was just designed to be a hero brain twisting computer games! But if in the comics Hulk first man, a talented physicist who suffered during his dangerous experiments, and as a result gained the ability to turn into a monster, all the Hulk game his human hypostasis or mention in a short video, screensaver, or at all about it silent. For game makers only important destructive power of the green monster. And, despite the fact that the different games on Hulk already released quite a lot of the gameplay they have almost the same, and all the differences boil down to drawing the character, the entourage and the choice of an object that the Hulk will smash to smithereens. So if you're a fan of highly intellectual games, logic puzzles and quests, you play in the Hulk is absolutely not recommended! For products of this kind can be pure of heart to rank in the category"Games for relaxation and brain training fingers", as they have no special meaning. Developers offer you to let off steam and remove the accumulated aggression, crushing and breaking virtual houses and military equipment, destroying opponents, knocking helicopters and sweeping away everything in its battle path. If you want to kill your free time sitting at the computer screen, and do not hesitate klatsat on the keyboard if you prefer to destroy rather than build, the game Hulk undoubtedly yours.