Game Ice Age


You love all the prehistoric beasts, and miss your favorite characters from"Ice Age? ". Then you do not need a long time to explain that the game Ice Age 3 is the best choice. No need to buy a disc or film to once again plunge into a favorite story and be among her characters. After all, you can even take a direct part in it, just by playing online! Here you meet funny Sid the sloth with which all the time something is happening, but the result is nothing actually does not happen, but it 's funny! Well, it's a feature of the project - the Sid. Yes, he is lazy and clumsy, he talks a lot and his head is empty. But so cute and unpredictable. Without it difficult to imagine the plot of the game. "These guys"– – saber-toothed tiger Diego proud and independent, perfect hunter. And Manny the mammoth, which is quite moody and hairy, but not without a sense of humor. He believed that is the last representative of its kind in the world, I have not yet met his love. Opossums with strange neural connections in their heads, or rather, one for two, on the basis of rowdy, they found a common language with Buck. Buck – is a weasel, fearless hunter of dinosaurs. Based on the third part of the cartoon created several games like online versions, and installed on the computer is full of three-dimensional scene and drayvovyh games with high quality graphics and physics. During the ice age 3 games were simpler and that you can also feel, as played by our heroes, experiencing everything the hard way. But you risk nothing, just enjoy the drive and the plot. And it always starts and gives strange feeling when you get the arithmetic mean with your favorite hero. When you you transfer your character in the game, and suddenly notice how your hero character also becomes a part of you. Or you can be one of the friends, cartoon characters, which are sent to rescue my friend Sid, grasped a female Tyrannosaurus rex. And here is the new heroes – dinosaurs. Well, that and deal with these tough guy, it's time to play in the Ice Age 3. Go to the hidden underground world populated by monsters relic, the new and the unknown, where you are waiting for an incredible adventure in which you're not just an observer, but a participant hero that can affect the story, you just might make it. If you love travel and adventure, you can try the game Ice Age online is real comfortable and always at hand. You also might find that the games that are based on themes from the previous series of no less fascinating. Here you can choose what you really prefer. After a walk in the footsteps of the characters in the Ice Age 2 game, no less amusing and original will be just as interesting. Welcome to the world of eternal ice, warm hearts, and exciting adventures!