Games angry birds


Rarely what game can achieve such incredible popularity, which got the game Angry Birds. It would seem a simple game – puzzle game in which the story is amusing war between birds and evil pigs, has won the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Moreover, among the fans of this game, you can find both kids just learned computer and the serious adults who are also not averse to go through a couple of levels of the game at half-time with a cup of coffee. It would seem that there are thousands of games puzzles, but none of them could and get close to the top of the pedestal, which is firmly occupied the game Angry Birds. Play this wonderful puzzle can be a variety of ways: using a smartphone, a computer, and has recently become available to users of angry birds online. The game's plot is very simple-the company evil pig decided to dine eggs prepared from egg stolen from birds. Naturally, honest birds can not tolerate such arrogance and go on the warpath. During the game, you will need to launch birds with a slingshot and destroy pigs lurking level. Enemies as a shelter can choose the structure of wood, glass and other materials at hand. A player goes to the mission, armed with a set of feathered projectiles, to achieve the complete destruction of the arrogant pigs, which, incidentally, is not always easy to get the shot you can. To get rid of these enemies, the participants of the game angry birds online games have to use their wit and good eye for what would ruin the various shelters, so that they would be falling blocks touched lurking pigs. During the game we will face funny green pigs, who are the main opponents and killed with a successful hit. Accustomed to their consumption, the player will have the opportunity to meet their enhanced version of – pig, wearing a helmet, which will deal with a little more difficult. And, of course, the boss of the game – main evil pig, which is waiting for the battle with the players at the end of the episode. As the main means of struggle against the enemy, the game angry birds has a large range of birds, which you will need to start using a slingshot. Press the bird in flight, you activate its special ability. For example, birds are exploding, accelerating and divided into several smaller ones. Adjust the height and distance of the flight, you will be able to help reduce or tension gum slingshot. Angry Birds is a peculiarity of its exciting atmosphere, which you will not be able to break away from the passage opening more and more new levels.