Diamond Games Atlantis

Games Diamond of Atlantis - a huge collection of different gemstones. And to get as many points. Make it very easy. Take your mouse and start collecting gems in a pile, then they are deleted itself and so you get a great bonus in the form of points. After each successfully completed level, you're going to move to more difficult and it is logical, because you have become stronger and ready to show their skills again in intellectual competition
It is not a mystery is the fact that the present revolutionary ideas in the genre of computer games are a huge rarity. This is especially true of small games, which are often referred to as office. Despite the ease of the conditional, this genre is in constant demand among users. Indeed, with the development of gaming technology, the number of fans to play mini-games in between employment, only steadily increasing. But what is a developer to do when most of the ideas have been exhausted? Of course, going back to the roots, blow the dust off with such rarities as Arkanoid, three in a row and Tetris, and start their artistic reinterpretation. Often, the result of such activities are not really high-quality products, which differ from their predecessors, perhaps, only colors, but sometimes, if the creators of the games responsible approach, there are such successful projects as the Diamond of Atlantis. Familiar with this game, you can thanks to our site. In game play online diamond Atlantis can even now by selecting the game from the relevant section of the catalog. Senior Games fan office immediately identify its genre as "three in a row." As can already guess from the name of the game, the events taking place in it, will take us to resting on the bottom of the ocean continent. With the disappearance of the Atlantean civilization, underwater mountains were countless treasures. It is for them and we will go on an expedition along the way trying to find out the secret of the greatest treasures that were buried just under the water column. Its activities treasure hunter you start in the field of play, in which a generous hand scattered gems. Your task is to collect the stones from them by drawing lines, which include at least three stones of the same colors. With some jewelry can be problems, and to retrieve them and you have to use the means at hand. As you progress through the complexity will grow up, and will occur at the levels of the locked doors, chains and other obstacles. To successfully overcome them, will be very useful bombs, we receive you as a bonus for the collection line of four or more stones. A little secret - if you put them in the form of the letter T, you can get a very good weapon. In order to play in the Diamond of Atlantis, you need a savvy, logical thinking, good reaction and, of course, our website that will help any treasure hunter for free.