Games roller coaster


The world-famous attraction « » Roller coaster necessarily present even in the smallest amusement park. And no wonder, because the most popular with visitors, with him can perhaps argue that damn obliquely and all the beloved carousel. Roller coaster, or as they are referred to as Europeans Russian slides, represent a railway provided with a small carriages for passengers. The design of slides, at first glance quite simple, but this impression is deceptive – every bend of the road and is calculated to a centimeter, which allows people to make a trailer turns at high speed. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that trucks have no engines and go exclusively due to the inertia force. Appearing for about one hundred and thirty years ago in America, slides immediately became extremely popular, so just over a decade have been developed about thirty options for their improvement. Few people know that his second name « » Russian roller coaster, this attraction was an ulterior motive. After all, even in the eighteenth century in Russia for the people entertainment, we were lined hills of ice, which reaches a height of 25 meters. And its familiar form, in the form of a closed ring in the track coaster found in 1885. Gorky became an indispensable element in all the amusement parks. Customers are happy to buy them tickets for what would experience the incredible feeling that occur at breakneck speed and feel the heart beating loudly during another steep turn. The attraction was so popular that even the ubiquitous interested creators of computer games. In them, the game roller coaster were embodied in a variety of genres. It is possible in arcade mode and drive on trolleys, collecting various utility like: apples, diamonds, coins and other goodies. Participate in the race for a time, pass challenging tracks. But perhaps the most interesting representative of the genre is economic simulator building roller coasters. It is entrusted to you to build your own ride. At the same time, having secured a small amount of money, you 'll be able to design a route, independently choosing their every curve and a sharp turn. Decide what type of wagons will transport your passengers and of course to distribute profits obtained. Only in the pursuit of profit do not forget about the safety of passengers and your ride will thrive, attracting new visitors.