Arkanoid games


If you are a fan of mini-games, you may have noticed that every year the number of works of this genre, produced by generous manufacturers is increasing steadily. This is not surprising, because the computers acquire more new jobs. And their users want not only to work, but sometimes the rest. Of course, we are not talking about a continuous seat for games, but highlight a few minutes to rest of annoying figures and tables, can afford one. On this count, game developers, creating several retouched version of the same game. But it is necessary to draw ideas from somewhere! Here then come to the aid of time-tested game type Tetris, three in a row, lines and Arkanoid. But often, sadly, the output we get only slightly modified version of the old, spiced with updated graphics, plot, or even moved to a different genre like -

  • Quest
  • Action

but without changing its essence. One such game-genre prapoditelnits is an Arkanoid. Once this toy was present not only a huge number of mobile phones, it downloads as a complete game for the PC. Now there are thousands of online version of the famous toy, it can be downloaded on a PC and the mobile phone, in addition, Arkanoid play online is also quite real. What is the secret to the enduring popularity of the gaming product? Many of us have ever played in akkanoid, without even knowing its name. That is referred to as the toy, in which you are given a bouncy ball flight path which can be controlled by a horizontal moving platform. The game begins with the fact that the ball is resting peacefully on the platform, then use of a button, you run it and get almost a model of perpetual motion –, the ball starts to jump and touch each platform gives it a new impulse of energy. Our goal is at the top of the playing field and a variety of designs that we need to break with the ball. Depending on the imagination of the developer, breakable blocks can take a different form –

  • boxes
  • cubes
  • balloons

A successful hit ball will give us not only the approach of victory, but also a nice bonus that are hidden away inside the blocks. To the question: « What is better, the original Arkanoid, or his numerous followers? » difficult to give a definite answer. It is best to try out different variations of the famous game, and choose the one that meet your expectations to the full.