Rpg games for boys

Few people know that the popular game genre "platformer", originated about twenty years ago. Then it appeared the game and with the straightforward title "Action", which perfectly reflects their essence. After all, the point of most of these toys, and just consisted of wandering around the various mazes. Moreover, the place in which the action of the game, can often be very different: the classic dungeons, dangerous forests, fairytale castles and lost cities - wherever they did not bring your hero. The purpose of your walks usually have little to no little salvation of the whole world, well, or at least some of the stolen princess. The primary audience of those games were usually are males of all ages, so that even now they are called rpg games for boys , and on our website you will find them is in this category. Those who lived during the era of eight-bit console popularity will certainly remember how much time you can spend at the same Mario going down the tubes and countless mercilessly destroying enemies. This game is just delayed - after passing a couple of levels, you just could not otovratsya, going farther and farther away. After all, it would seem, for the simple gameplay, hiding a great game filled with plenty of secrets, knowing that the levels can be played twice as fast. Almost the same popularity has made the game Prince of Persia, which is like no other meets all the standards of the genre brodilok. It had our hero in the truest sense of the word "wander" through the castle, filled with ingenious traps and guards. Generally, brodilok genre like no other, will help us to meet with friends from his childhood heroes. Trying to make updated versions of the good old games, you'll see that they are not a bit lost their magic, and flying dragons, wandering around the ice caves and the conquest of space depths still able to enthrall any gamer, regardless of his age, he . Graphic design brodilok in the best traditions of the genre, and in the games, which can be referred to the category of classics, substantially revised schedule that will allow their devoted fans take a look at your favorite creations in a new way. Games-Action, which you can find in the catalog of our website are perfect as an adult users who want a couple of hours to return to childhood, and children who are waiting for a meeting with a well-known heroes. So, no matter what category of users you are not concerned - Action is always ready to give you lots of positive emotions.