Games Dasha


Games Dasha and slipper designed for the youngest players, many of whom have not even go to school and make the first steps in mastering the computer. They are based on the story of one of the most beloved doshkolyatami series about a girl Dasha (Dora in the original title) and her friends. The cartoon was originally conceived by its creators as a learning and developing, so it is truly inexhaustible possibilities for the development of children's educational games. Each new series Dasha with her friends not only receives a portion of the next fun adventure, but also, certainly, solves any problem attracting kids to actively participate in this process. As a result, happy with everything: parents whose offspring gently mastered new knowledge, and the kids themselves, have fun and to have spent time at the TV. Therefore, most of the popularity of the game Dasha is easily explainable – child sees such familiar and favorite characters, and, at the same time, he can direct their actions, becoming the head of another fun-filled investigation. In the course of the game Dora the Explorer on the young gamer will need to show all of its available capacity to lead astray the company out of the maze, find their way home or to find a lost item, using ingenious tips. Other games Dasha tracker will help your child to learn the basics of arithmetic and learning the basics of the English language. The gameplay of each Dora the Explorer games are involved, in addition to our main character, and the other members of the cartoon, which significantly quickens gameplay. Positive characters, namely Slipper monkey, squirrel Tico Train and, as befits all the friends of the hero, diligently help him solve the most intricate puzzles. Provided in the game and a fairy-tale villain, so far without it! But, with an audience amendment, it was not terrible, but rather even charming small dirty dog ​​- fox Rogue, who is constantly trying to make life difficult for our campaign. However, in games   Dora the Explorer, does not mean all the time to solve logical puzzles. In games Dress – « » Dasha you can try on a lot of new, self- invented, costumes, puzzles in – to help her collect the pieces scattered on the drawing, gaming – colorings once again recall the face of your favorite heroes or create them a new image using the virtual brush. And when you just want to have fun, you can go with Dasha full of fun surprises in trip, or to play one of the many sports games.