Line games


Games line usually logical. Often, after reading a few hours at the computer, we have a desire to divert attention to something far from the order of the boring work. Those who are working very hard to fulfill it in the office, because the harsh schedule requires vigilant at the workplace. Here is what we can use to the fullest unpretentious games that have long accustomed to the users' computers, called «ofisnyh». This category of games, as a rule, does not require any time-consuming, you can play them as in a break with a cup of tea, and at home by providing a couple of minutes to rest from household chores. Among the main advantages of office games include calming nerves by diverting attention to the solution of a simple task, thereby significantly increases productivity and improves mental ability. Bright representative games for office is 98 lines to play online in which you can directly from our website. Game on the line can be called a progenitor of the genre of mini-games, as it appeared in 1992 and immediately became extremely popular. Fans of lines to play a favorite toy can both the mobile phone and online from your computer. Terms lines are not complicated and will be apparent to even the youngest users. You have the square game board razlineennye into equal squares. On the field, are the colored balls. Your task is to put in a series of five balls of the same color, to achieve this goal, the line disappears. Besides wishing to play the line online, you should know still rule the subtleties of the game: Balls can be collected not only in the line parallel to the sides of the field, but also in the direction of the diagonals, in order that would successfully put the ball free balls land must be present between the cells.   Every wrong move, which has not resulted in the compilation of the line will cause on the other three balls. During the mid-nineties, game balls lines have undergone many changes and got a different version. For example, there are various options of colors for lines, in some versions of the good old bulbs replaced by other fishkmi or figures. There are even more quests, during the passage of which we encounter all the same familiar game elements into balls, just in a different wrapper. You can play the game balls in line with our site, and you will be available as canonicity version of this great game and its modern variations.