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Hello, you dear friend, in the world of exciting online games that not only allow you to relax and lift your mood, but also may be useful for young children who are just mastering computer skills. On this page you can see online games for toddlers. This lovely and kind Smeshariki games. On the computer screen, you can meet your favorite heroes. These games are easy to understand and easy to operate. They develop simple skills with a mouse and keyboard. On this page, choose the most interesting and popular game about Smeshariki. You can choose the order Smeshariki that you like most and manage it during the game. And if one does not like the game, you can easily switch to another simply by selecting a picture with the game and clicking on it with the mouse. Our site allows you to play games Smeshariki free. Just can choose the most loved the game and at any time to run it directly from the browser. Smeshariki online games have a wide variety of subjects. You may like to play"catch-up". Rules about the same as in conventional catch. You start the game, you and drive. Select your favorite Smeshariki, and the game begins. It is necessary, controlling the arrows, try to touch all Smesharikov. The one to which touched, can not run. Problem – immobilize all other Smeshariki. However, if one Smeshariki who has not been caught, caught touches, he frees him. So hurry up to catch them as soon as possible, as long as they each other was not released. In these games can play both boys and girls. So we picked up interesting and entertaining Smeshariki games for girls. It is very entertaining and is a game"Smeshariki play volleyball." Winning is not so easy and there. You just choose to play for Barash or Hedgehog. And your opponent will be quite clever. As in the present volleyball, you will need to demonstrate agility, cunning and skill. The game has very smooth graphics, play it very nicely. There is a light sports gambling. There is also a tag - Smeshariki, Smeshariki - players and Smeshariki – box with Christmas toys. And a lot of interesting things. In game Smeshariki play for free can boys and girls, and even adults. It's so good and unobtrusive game, they are very pleasant and positive as their heroes. And it is so nice to find yourself in the middle of favorite characters! We have collected the best games, so that children can develop, and adults to be distracted from the heap of thoughts. It may be useful sometimes to escape to all thoughts began to place, and come to understand how to solve the problem. Play with pleasure, and we always welcome guests and friends of the site!