Games out of the room

Many fans of games in the genre quest, faced with such a situation, when the hero, by circumstances, are locked in any room. Or his enemies locked or secret trap worked, but the path of retreat have been cut off. Here is when the fun began. Of course, the mind then we understand that the creators of the game is the possibility of release, and it should be quite feasible using items from your inventory and improvised, but it was not there. It would seem that the whole location is revised to the last pixel, the items that are in stock, tested in all reasonable and not very combinations, while even designed a thousand and one use of a simple flashlight or lighter, but there is no way out on the horizon. Some impatient citizens at this stage open Internet, looking for the walkthrough, and then are surprised how everything was simple and why they did not occur. But not all give up so easy. Are there people who perceive an unsolvable riddle as a challenge to their own intelligence, and therefore, to sit at the game they are ready for long hours. In this case, each found the answer brings a storm of joy and greatly enhance self-esteem. It is for this category of people and created online games out of the komnaty. If you are not so much attracted to this quest as the process of solving puzzles in a confined space, this category of games created just for you. You will not have to listen to the dialogue and follow the plot, just run your favorite toy enough. Online version release search of the room, have all the features inherent in the genre - a closed room, sometimes there is a time limit, the hero can collect objects around for that would involve them in the escape. A significant advantage of this genre of games is that they are at least and require a lot of attention, perseverance and patience, but they can always be put on pause and, having finished all his work, come back to a slow and measured a solution. Perhaps the way out of the room is suitable primarily for people endowed with great patience and meticulous nature of the warehouse. It is also alleged that these games still require a high IQ, but it is more usual marketing ploy - in fact there are many such toys aimed at children, which differ humor and uncomplicated puzzles. On this page you will find the best representatives of this genre of logic and personal experience make sure, as far as it suits you.