Mind games


with the concept of intellectual games, many of us have encountered in school days, during the championships about «Breyn - ringu» and «Chto? Where? When? » Especially popular games such was achieved after began to broadcast transmission, with the participation of the strongest teams on television. Even if you never fond of charades and games in question, the viewing of such programs has been extremely exciting, because the viewer could he put forward his version of the answer, and then follow the train of thought discussed issues of command and finally get the right answer. Some of these games require quick response and high speed of thought, but at the same «Chto? Where? When? » without solid knowledge could not try to play. With the development of computer technology, games that require involvement of logic and knowledge, gradually moved to the screens of monitors and mobile phones. You must agree, not everyone is like the arcade, racing and shooting games, and often want to play into something calm and giving new experience. Although the intellectual element is present in many games, to take at least the same puzzles, solving puzzles in the Arcade and loved by many quests. But they tend to use the accumulated knowledge is rarely useful, and for solving the problems in the first place activated logic and associative thinking. Mind games well, except for the function check of existing knowledge, can still tell a lot of new and interesting facts from all areas of human activity, starting with history and ending with robotics. Such training factor, which contain intellectual games online, will primarily younger users who want to not limit their knowledge of the strict framework of the school curriculum. But do not think that only children are the primary audience of « » smart games. Suffice it to recall such TV shows like « O Lucky Man », which attract adults to the screens of the crowd, which is no less interesting with passion to put forward their own versions of the responses to leading questions asked. By the way, if you look at the list of intellectual games on our site, it becomes clear that one question and answer options are far from limited. Indeed, in this category of mandatory costs include chess, checkers, puzzles and even poker. It is a popular game at the professional approach requires nehily knowledge of the theory of probability and mathematics. Play mind games with us and improve their knowledge for free.